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Open-path and optical sensing solutions
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Solutions: Clean Air, Clean Water

The TAS Difference

TAS can help your company identify the best technologies for your desired applications. 

Our expertise lies in optical sensing technologies, and chemical detection and purification. Terra Applied Systems is currently expanding to include other new and maturing technologies, such as advanced reverse osmosis. Explore our potential under the "Optical Sensing" and "Water Purification" tabs to learn more about what we can do for you and your company.

Optical Sensing

Optical sensing technologies are highly effective for reliable monitoring in process and HSE applications. We bridge the relationship between sensor manufacturers and end users, enabling the adoption and utilization of optical sensing technologies to their maximum potential. TAS designs, builds, installs, and maintains the applications of optical and other chemical detection system. 

The possibilities TAS offers in optical sensing include a broad variety of optical detection technologies. Infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy, RAMAN, and laser technologies such as TDL, and ELDS. TAS works with clients and with manufacturers to assist end users in identifying and implementing the appropriate technology, product, and system configuration to meet demanding needs for reliable and cost effective execution.

Our technologies in optical sensing are robust and based on fundamental properties of the molecules. But, like all technologies, they must be applied correctly to be effective. The selection of the appropriate sensing technology and products, in addition to careful design and implementation of the system are key to successful application of optical sensing. TAS provides our customers with a thorough understanding of the technologies and equipment, and the experience to understand the varied requirements of HSE and process monitoring applications. That enables us to apply optical sensing technologies effectively. 

Water Purification

Water Treatment for a Thirsty Planet

Clean Water, water treatmentWater conditioning systems present a challenge for innovative applications in a changing world. TAS has the solutions you need. 

In our partnership with AMPAC, we provide experience and unparalleled precedent for quality and consistency of work. TAS and AMPAC bring over two decades of dedicated background in water conditioning and purification technologies, with methods and systems tested and proven worldwide. Our expertise renders our solutions simple, streamlined, and robust. Collaboration is integral to our approach – skill, reliability, and innovation are central components in communications with customers and crafting a rapport for professional, dependable solutions. 

Terra Applied Systems' turnkey solutions are customized specifically for your scope.


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