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Qualifications: High Standards, High Performance

As security, safety, and reliability standards have increased over the last few years, industrial contractors have experienced intensifying scrutiny. TAS maintains qualifications to support work activities in all majors industrial operations with the requisite professional training, HSE programs, and the physical and professional liability insurance required by most major companies. 

TAS is qualified and regularly renewed for site work as an active member of several contractor qualification organizations, including ISNetworld, PICS, and PEC. All field condulting and service employees maintain current credentials, including:

I. TWIC Cards

II. OSHA Safety Training (HASC Basic Plus/as required by customer)

III. Active drug and alcohol screening status as required (DISA, ASAP)

     A. DISA DCCHA Consortium Policy -- includes background checks and random drug/alcohol screenings

     B. DISA Hair Testing Consortium Policy

Listed below are just a few of the companies where TAS has met and exceeded standards for qualification: 

Terra Applied Systems maintains a core set of standards that evoke safety, sustainability, and professionalism. In the office, onsite, and in transit, you can be assured that security is the number one priority. Always


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