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Open-path and optical sensing solutions
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About Us

Over 20 Years of Innovation

Terra Applied Systems, LLC (TAS) seeks out new and maturing technologies in all fields from atmospheric component detection to reverse osmosis solutions and applications. 

We strive to be the premier bridge between manufacturers and end users of open-path and optical sensing and other technologies, providing practical applications and integrated systems for our clients.

Since 1993, TAS has boasted service and commitment to new and improving solutions to atmospheric component detection and purification technologies. In addition to decades of dedication to optimization in chemistry, our TAS field servicemen have years of experience building and installing the systems that we use. Clients can rest assured that we aren't just operators; our systems are familiar to us, inside and out. 

First established in Texas, TAS now serves clients from Canada to South America and across each coast of the United States. Locally and internationally, TAS is the standard for trust in chemical sensing. 

Chemical detection and purification projects require a multidisciplinary and systems approach. With consistent care and attention to detail and professional continuity, TAS is well equipped for the challenge. 

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